Why Microsoft Genuine Keys

If you have used a Microsoft operating system in the past, you have a clear understanding of what product key is. You might have even come across instances where Windows operating system asks you to enter your product key, or where it says that the product key that you are using is not genuine.

Microsoft Windows is not a free and open-source operating system. You will need to make a payment and purchase this operating system before you use it.

People who want to purchase Microsoft Operating System have two different options to get hold of it. Either they can use a genuine Microsoft Windows key or they can think about using a pirate or a cracked key. From the recent studies, it has been identified that a large number of Microsoft users tend to go ahead with cracked or pirate versions, as they can purchase Windows at a lower price tag or even without spending any money at all.

Are you also looking forward to going for such a pirate Windows key? Then you should think twice. That’s because using such a pirate version of the Windows operating system can lead you towards a lot of negative consequences in the long run. To make the life easy for you, we thought of listing down some of the most prominent negative consequences out of them, which you would come across. When you go through this list, you will be tempted to purchase Microsoft genuine keys and use them on your laptop o desktop.

  • Microsoft Genuine Keys can ensure the safety of your system

One of the most prominent benefits that you can gain out of Microsoft Genuine Keys is that you will be able to ensure the overall protection of your operating system. If you deep dive and take a look at pirated software, you will figure out that they come with a lot of shortcomings. As a result, they are vulnerable to attacks.

We see new threats and attacks coming into play from time to time. Hackers develop these attacks surrounding the existing vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system. As a result, all people who use the Windows operating system will be attacked. When Microsoft figures out these vulnerabilities, they will assign a development team immediately to patch it. Then you will be able to receive the patch as an update. All you have to do is to install that patch and you can eliminate the risk of being attacked.

These updates or patches are offered only to the people who have installed genuine Windows on their computers. In other words, people who have used Microsoft genuine keys will only be able to get regular security patches from Microsoft.

You have a lot of valuable data stored on your computer. You cannot lose access to those data and you cannot let them get into wrong hands. That’s why you shouldn’t take a risk with going forward with a pirate copy of Windows. You have to pay for the genuine keys, and the amount you pay is totally worth for the security features that you get in the long run. It can help you to keep the peace of mind from many cyber-attacks that take place.  You will also be able to ensure the security of your data stored in Windows computer at all times.

  • Microsoft Genuine Keys can prevent unnecessary access

Many people who have installed pirated versions of Windows have figured out how important data stored in their computers get leaked to third parties. People who work on cracking Windows and providing them for free have hidden intentions. In fact, they introduce security holes into the operating system with patches. When you install such a pirated copy of Windows on your computer, you will be providing access to them to go ahead and get hold of all the data that you have stored on the computer. You shouldn’t allow that to happen as well. The only solution available for you to get rid of that frustration is to buy Microsoft genuine keys.

On the other hand, pirated Windows copies have a higher chance of getting attacked with malware and computer viruses as well. If you are a person who stores sensitive and personal information on your computer, you will have to pay special attention to this fact.

There’s no use in purchasing Microsoft Genuine Keys after you become a victim of an attack. You need to make sure that you are purchasing it before the attack takes place. Otherwise, you will end up with lots of regrets and frustration.

  • Your computer will slow down after some time

We also see how a lot of people start complaining about their systems getting slowed down after some time. This is another negative consequence associated with pirated software.

You are using a computer to get work done faster. If the computer slows down in such a situation, you will have to deal with a lot of pain and frustration. You cannot tolerate such unexpected slowdowns in your computer as well.

When your computer is laggy, it will take a considerable amount of time for you to get something done. This will also make you spend a lot of time unnecessarily in front of the computer as well. In the meantime, you will also notice how your energy is being wasted. At the end of the day, it will not be possible for you to get any meaningful work done.

To overcome such unexpected slowdowns in the Windows operating system, you should go ahead with Microsoft genuine keys. Even if there is a factor that contributes to a slowdown of a computer, it will be fixed with one of the Windows updates. Therefore, you will never have to experience any slowness.

  • You will never have to format your operating system

It is possible to see how some of the Windows users tend to go ahead and format their computers from time to time. They come across many different issues and formatting would seem like the only option to go ahead with. They come across such needs every four to six months.

When you are formatting your computer on a regular basis, you will be losing your important data. If you devise to take backups, you will have to spend a lot of time as well. Even if you don’t backup, the formatting process can consume a considerable amount of time. After you format, you will have to install all the software that you have been using as well.

This is something that you want to get rid of. That’s where you can get a genuine copy of Windows installed on the computer. Then you will never come across the need to format your computer.

  • You can get access to new features

Microsoft introduces new features to the Windows operating system along with time. Some of these features are super cool and you will be able to make your life easy by getting them installed. In other words, these features are in a position to make the life easy for you and help you overcome pain points that you have to deal with. Hence, you can increase your productivity as well.

To get these super cool features, it is important to make sure that you are using a genuine Windows key. That’s because only people who use genuine Windows keys will be able to receive updates that are offered by the Windows operating system.

Where to buy genuine Windows keys?

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