4 Reasons why you should stick with Microsoft Software

Thinking of getting cheap or free software, you may want to reconsider

Windows users, especially those who have updated to Windows 10, may find that their older software no longer works with the new system. Therefore, updating to newer software will be required. And though there are options for free and cheap alternatives to some of the more popular bundles, specifically to the Office Suite, it is not beneficial for Windows 10 users to purchase such. Here are a few reasons why you should stick with Microsoft’s software if you have Windows 10.


Windows 10 is an ever evolving platform based upon various build upgrades and shell upgrades. Therefore, what works today from a third-party vendor, may not be compatible in the next build. When using Microsoft Software, when the new build is released on an update, the software which is offered by the company updates with it. Keep in mind that this does not include older Microsoft software which was designed for platforms 7, 8, XP or 2000. However, even though the older software may not be upgraded on the new build, the system generally has a troubleshoot option to help with compatibility issues.

If you use software which is not developed by the Microsoft Company, you will have to either purchase an upgrade from the company (if upgrades are not free), or you will have to find another third-party option to use on the new build. Such could be costly.

Multi-Platform Connectivity

Office 360 suite allows for Windows users to access and to edit files from a number of computers. So long as the network is set up, or if the One Drive folder allows permissions to the person accessing the file, it can be edited and saved using a laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. Third party software does not allow for this functionality. The only way to do so would be through a computer controlling application such as TeamViewer (and the problem which arises there is definitively security). It is advised that those who need to have Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher use the programs offered for Windows 10, especially since you can get the software for 5 persons other than yourself.

Need to collaborate on a project? Various programs from Windows allow you to real-time sync and work on documents and other content. This content is saved to the cloud and available for the team to use. Additionally, if you do not wish to work in real-time, there is the option of comments and tracked changes to keep your work organized and up to date.

The Industry Standard

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should stick with Microsoft Software is that it is the industry standard. As most of the content which is created in Word, Powerpoint, and other Windows programs is intended not for ourselves, but for others, it is beneficial to the user to have software which is the industry standard. Third party software options assume that the receiver has the same software or that the person has a program which can open the extension which is being saved. Even if a program can save a document as a .doc, there could be a compatibility or an open error as the features of Office are different than those of another program.

Tutorials and Licenses in abundance

Do you not know where to begin with software? Windows and Microsoft offer an abundance of free tutorials to help you understand your programs. There are also several video tutorials on YouTube to get you started. If you are more of a reader than a watcher, books have been written for all major Windows programs. Third Party software is typically limited to the site from which you purchased it. So, to ensure that you get the best use out of your computer and to ensure that you can actually use the software, buy bundles which are intended for your OS.

Licenses for Microsoft Software are in abundance. You do not have to purchase directly from the source. There are many providers who have legal licenses for the same price as the “discount alternatives”. This eliminates the cost factor, and really makes it a matter of buying something which is proven to work or anoff brand which may not.

The bottom line

While the software not offered by Microsoft may be cheaper in cost, you may find that the frustrations, compatibility issues, and such are not worth the hassle. Computer purchasers should look for OS systems which have windows bundle software installed, as this is common for Windows 10 loaded laptops and desktops. If you are upgrading to Windows 10, you may have a one year subscription included in the upgrade, or you may be able to try the software for a limited time. Check the Windows and Microsoft page for details.